Monday, January 31, 2011

Whoo!! End of the month weigh in!     The webs free Exercise Journal

See that bad boy up there? I lost 15 pounds the first month. Though, I'm not entirely sure how it was possible, I did it! I started this month at 225 and I'm at 210. It seems like the only thing I really stuck to was cutting back on soda. I didn't exercise this month though I'm dreading starting next month, tomorrow! I didn't eat all that well either, I did at the start but man it's so expensive to eat right. I'm still eating better than I was. No goulash here, and I gotta say I don't miss it like I thought I would. I did drink a whole lot of water though, and I have to stick with that.

If I can cut out soda entirely I can see the weight melting off. I'm just so damn hooked on Dr. Pepper. Grr. I am pretty proud of myself though, I went from a two liter and a couple 32 ounces a day to one 32 ounce Dr. Pepper every day. Major difference.

My goal is to be at 160 by the middle of summer. I know that's a lot but I really think I can do it, especially with my results this month. I'm hoping to get the Mirena out soon and hopefully that will aid in the weight loss. I wish I never would have gotten that damn thing. Mood swings, weight gain, zits like I was a teenager again, and bloating! OMG, the bloating is horrible. My advice to anyone thinking of getting it: Do your research! There are tons of forums, blogs, sites where a ton of women have problems with it. Most doctors say that it wont cause side effects, but the web shows otherwise. Sometimes it's best not to listen to your dr. (Sorry, mini vent there)

I hope everyone that made a New Years resolution to lose weight is doing good, don't give up!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes To Make My Life Better

If you read my last post, you would know that I have had issues with depression or bipolar, or mood swings, or whatever it may be. When I saw this opportunity on social moms, I knew I had to participate in it. I'td like to share some simple changes that would make my life beter in the new year.

The number one thing I think I need to change is going to a doctor. I think that even just talking to a doctor would help me. If I need some kind of medicine, I would be open to that too. I need to admit that it is very possible that I have a mood disorder, and stop hiding from it. It runs in our family and I'm showing signs. I need to get that done asap!

Another thing that I think would be good for me is to get organized. It can be as simple as making sure everything gets put away as soon as I bring it in the house.I'm horrible about sitting things down and never getting around to putting them away. I also need to start going through my kids clothes sooner. They end up having things in their drawers for a long time after it stops fitting.

 I also need to stop sweating the small stuff. I've noticed that a lot of times I let myself get worked up over really little things. In the big scheme of things, a spilled glass of red juice on my carpet really doesn't matter. It can be cleaned. I have to remember that.

I would also like to spend more time with my husband, even something little like watching a movie together alone would be amazing. We get to spend time together as a family, but my husband and I have very little time together. It would be great to find a sitter and have a date night once or twice a month. I can let go of my paranoia for 2 nights a month and believe that someone else is capable of taking care of my kids. That's simple enough, I have great friends that would be great with my kids.

One last simple thing I could do is to talk. I need to just let everything out once and a while to get things off my chest. Keeping things in leads to mommy meltdowns, and trust me, mommy meltdowns are not good! Like I said, I have some great friends, I'm sure that they would be fine with me venting to them. Talking to someone helps a ton, so that's part of my plan also.

I'm hoping to start these simple tasks asap, and I hope to start seeing the benefits soon! Thanks for reading, and if you have any simple things that make life a little more enjoyable I would love to hear them!

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Is this really me?

 I don't know what's happened to me. I feel like I'm losing control of myself and I don't know what to do to get back to... well, me. I don't remember yelling like I do or cussing like I do or even being in a bad mood all the freakin time before I got pregnant with my son. Pregnancy made me crazy, but I thought it would all end after I got back to normal from having him. It hasn't.

I thought maybe it was because I have the Mirena. One of the side effects is mood swings. BUT I'm not having mood swings, I'm just a bitch all the time. I can't control it. I know I sound absolutely ridiculous sometimes, and I just can't stop. I'm losing me, and if I don't do something soon everything about the person I was will be gone.

Today was the day that I realized that something has to be done. I have to see a doctor. I lost it this morning because I couldn't find any hats or gloves. It's not like we don't have 542 pairs of gloves, we do. My daughter loses them constantly. I should understand that, it's what kids do. After all, they are kids.
I didn't understand this morning. I yelled and cussed. I was HORRIBLE. Over some freaking gloves. My daughter went to school sad because of me. I feel absolutely horrible about it. To the point of tears. I hate seeing her sad, and to know that I'm the one that did it... it makes me feel like a piece of scum.

I can't stop crying today. I miss the person I was, and I don't want her to just be a memory. I want her back.

I'd love some words of wisdom, or advice, anything ya got really.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Total Gym Giveaway!

So, if you go back and look at this post, or this one, or even this one from like 2 years ago you'd see that I really need to lose weight. AND if you do happen to see those posts, you would also see that I've started recently as a New Years resolution. I'm finally gonna get these totally unwated pounds of FAT off of me!     The webs free Diet Tracker

You can see that I have a long way to go! It's a slow process and I would definitely use the Total Gym that A Happy Hippy Mom is giving away on her blog! About 6 weeks ago she participated in the Total Mom Challenge and she won! She lost 9 pounds and 10 inches! 10 inches! Wow! She rocks!
She gets to give away a TOTAL GYM XLS! $1948!!! ARV Hurry over and enter because it ends tomorrow! (Sorry I didn't see this one early)
Good luck!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just because     The webs free Calorie Counter

So, I didn't exactly start dieting on New Years Day. Actually I didn't really start until this past Monday (oops), but I've lost 4 lbs already. Sweet! Still have a long way to go, but I'm in the right "mind set" and I'm pretty damn determined!
I started doing the Herbalife diet again, it worked last time with a few minor tweaks and changes. I simply cannot afford what it costs. I bought the protein shake mix from Walmart instead of buying their drink mix. So I got ALMOST the same thing for half the price.
I did buy their Total Control pills. They give me a ton of energy and curb my appetite. At $40 for a months supply though, I might have to find something else that does that same thing.
I've also started the diet plan they laid out for me too. High protein, high fiber, low carb, low sugar. It sounds simple enough, but finding food that tastes good is hard.
Just gonna have to deal with it though until I get in the right groove of things!

Well, that's all, thanks for listening to me ramble!
Wish me luck!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

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