Monday, January 31, 2011

Whoo!! End of the month weigh in!     The webs free Exercise Journal

See that bad boy up there? I lost 15 pounds the first month. Though, I'm not entirely sure how it was possible, I did it! I started this month at 225 and I'm at 210. It seems like the only thing I really stuck to was cutting back on soda. I didn't exercise this month though I'm dreading starting next month, tomorrow! I didn't eat all that well either, I did at the start but man it's so expensive to eat right. I'm still eating better than I was. No goulash here, and I gotta say I don't miss it like I thought I would. I did drink a whole lot of water though, and I have to stick with that.

If I can cut out soda entirely I can see the weight melting off. I'm just so damn hooked on Dr. Pepper. Grr. I am pretty proud of myself though, I went from a two liter and a couple 32 ounces a day to one 32 ounce Dr. Pepper every day. Major difference.

My goal is to be at 160 by the middle of summer. I know that's a lot but I really think I can do it, especially with my results this month. I'm hoping to get the Mirena out soon and hopefully that will aid in the weight loss. I wish I never would have gotten that damn thing. Mood swings, weight gain, zits like I was a teenager again, and bloating! OMG, the bloating is horrible. My advice to anyone thinking of getting it: Do your research! There are tons of forums, blogs, sites where a ton of women have problems with it. Most doctors say that it wont cause side effects, but the web shows otherwise. Sometimes it's best not to listen to your dr. (Sorry, mini vent there)

I hope everyone that made a New Years resolution to lose weight is doing good, don't give up!

Thanks for reading!

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