Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing Contest?!

So, I like to write... but from the looks of my blog, you probably couldn't tell! BUT I have a secret... it's a secret blog that I'm too afraid to make public.. I don't want criticism :) (yet) I was super excited to find this contest though... I may make the plunge and let everyone see my psychotic adventurous writing style!

Erika from The Girl Next Door Grows Up is hosting a Blogger Writing Contest once a month at her site. Starting October 3rd she will have a linky up for 48 hours, you can add your best post to. The winner will be picked the following week!

She is currently looking for sponsors, so if your interested let her know! You don't have to be a shop owner to sponsor!

Like most contests there are rules, so check out her post, and get ready to write!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Noodle!

We celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday this past weekend! It's so hard to believe that she is 6 already. Seems like just yesterday I was potty training her! She has developed quite an attitude and I can already see that her teenage years are going to be insane... but that's okay, what goes around comes around, right? I'm only getting my payback lol!
She's a good kiddo, very free spirited and I love that. She started girl scouts this month, and so far is loving it. I became a troop leader and she's very excited about that. I can't wait to see what we end up doing!
Well, here are a few pics of her birthday party. Her hair is sooo messed up because she was running around like a crazy kid at Fun Run.

 (not a good pic, but it was fun!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL... you can quit growing so fast now, k?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I might lose some followers with this post.

I hung out with an old friend today and this is what I have to say. It might offend you, if it does... well it does.

As some of you know it took me a long time and a whole lot of heartbreaks to get pregnant with my son. After so many heartbreaks I ended up being jealous of any woman that I saw that was pregnant. Sounds bad, but it's true. I've looked at pregnancy entirely different since I went through what I did. It's a gift, a true gift. It seriously pisses me off that abortion is thrown around so easily. Weather it's said or done, it makes me angry. There are SO MANY WOMEN that can't have babies. Those woman would give anything to have what others throw away. Those women that cry every month, desperate to get that positive pregnancy test. Those women that pray to God every single day, begging him. Those women that feel so desperate, like they failed. I know because I was one of them.

I know that there are millions of reasons why women have abortions. But damn it, there are ways to prevent it. Why is it that abortion is the easy way out? Why not put that baby up for adoption? There WILL BE someone out there to love that baby. Maybe you don't want to go that route, because it's harder on you... well maybe you shouldn't have had sex. Maybe you should grow up? Maybe, just maybe you should use a freakin condom/birth control pills/one of the hundreds of other ways to prevent it. To the girls that do it over and over again... well maybe you should be sterilized.

It sucks when you hang out with an old friend and find that you have nothing in common anymore. It sucks even more when that friend is going to do something you totally don't agree with - even if it is none of your damn business. Makes you realize that you wont be hanging out with them anytime soon. It's almost like kissing part of your good old days goodbye.

I've been friends with this girl since high school, and we have talked off and on through out the years. Our kids play together once or twice a year, but I didn't really want to just end the friendship. It's always good to have friends. I will still be friends with this girl, but I'm sure I will never look at her the same way again.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Yaya's Giveaway!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mamaroo giveaway!

Another great giveaway at Mom To Bed By 8! Go here to enter to win a 4moms mamaRoo! I'd love one of these for my soon to be niece or nephew! It ends 10/4 and it's open to US only! Good luck!

Sears giveaway!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

So this...

Is what happens when you give a two year old a strawberry shake on an hour and a half long car ride.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Great giveaway!

It's already September! Seems like as soon as Summer comes to an end that the New Year is already here. The last few months of the year are so busy for us, I'm sure most of you too. Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would share this great giveaway over at New Age Mama! Head over and enter to win your choice of costume (up to $50) from Anytime Costumes! It's open to the US only and ends on 9/29.
Good luck!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little story

Words have a lasting impression, sometimes good, sometimes great, and other times hurtful. These words have changed my life in one way or another.

"Hi, I'm your dad, I'm sorry it took so long to see you again."

"Your Dad is leaving again, I'm sorry"

"Hello again, I missed you."

"She's had a stroke, and it don't look good"

"Grandma's gone baby, she waited until you called"

"No. She's not. She can't be, I need her"

"Why does she get to sleep? She was gone the whole time Grandma was sick, and she gets to skip out on helping with the funeral."

"If one more person orders a waffle tonight, I'm leaving for the Army"

"I'll take a waffle please"

"Goodbye, I love you"

"Hey, You must be from out of space cause I can see the stars in your eyes."

"That line normally work for you?"

"I love you"

"I love you more"

"I'm done, take your rings"

"If you want to move up in this business, you need motivation, you lack it"

"You like Yoda?! Want to go to the movies?"

"Let's move in together"

"Your pregnant????"

"I'm sorry, the baby never developed"

"It hurts more than I thought"

"Best Birthday Present ever - things will be fine this time"

"Congratulations, it's a girl!"

"I love you"

"I love you more"


"We can't afford for you to stay at home"

"I'm sorry, you lost the baby" 

"I'm sorry, you lost the baby"

"I'm sorry, you lost the baby"

"I have something to tell you"

"I will fight for you"

"If you hurt without him, don't let him go, tell him you love him and that you will forever. He forgave you, now forgive yourself"

"Happy Birthday... again"

"Congratulations, it's a boy!"

"I feel complete"

"Me too"


This was inspired by Maria's post at Mom of Three Seeks Sanity on "Things you thought you'd never hear."These phrases shaped me into who I am today. They kind of tell a little story. What words shaped you? Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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