Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing Contest?!

So, I like to write... but from the looks of my blog, you probably couldn't tell! BUT I have a secret... it's a secret blog that I'm too afraid to make public.. I don't want criticism :) (yet) I was super excited to find this contest though... I may make the plunge and let everyone see my psychotic adventurous writing style!

Erika from The Girl Next Door Grows Up is hosting a Blogger Writing Contest once a month at her site. Starting October 3rd she will have a linky up for 48 hours, you can add your best post to. The winner will be picked the following week!

She is currently looking for sponsors, so if your interested let her know! You don't have to be a shop owner to sponsor!

Like most contests there are rules, so check out her post, and get ready to write!

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