Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Saving Tips

Moms are very busy people. From softball practice to cheer practice, from school plays to making dinner, moms are almost always the go to gal in charge of getting everyone where they need to be! There have been many times that I have wished for an extra hour in during the day! There is good news though... there are a ton of things you can do to save that valuable time! Here is my top ten time saving tips.

1. Combine trips. I find it easier to head to the grocery store while my daughter is at cheer practice, that way it's all done by the time she is, and I save on gas. Double bonus.

2. Make a list. It may seem like that would take more time, but 5 minutes to make a list of everything that needs done that day will help save time later when you forget something important that needed to be done. I'm horrible about remembering everything I need to do, without a list I would (many times) have to go back and do something I could have done earlier.

3. Plan ahead. During the school year I like to lay my daughter's clothes out for the next day while she is taking a shower that night. Makes getting her ready for school the next day a ton easier and faster. I also like to makes sure I have dinner set out and ready to cook the morning of. I'm constantly forgetting this one though, and normally I have to run back to the store to get something for dinner that night.

4. Remember that it's okay to not be perfect! Not everything has to be in order for your day to continue. Sometimes it's okay for your hair not to be perfect or make up on. Sometimes I skip on them, and life is fine without my hair and make up done!

5. Make a schedule, and try to stick to it. If you know what comes next everyday, it will be faster when the evening comes. Dinner, then baths, then nighttime story. If it's the same every night, it gets easier and faster.

6. Pay ahead. Often times I have a prepaid debit card in my car just in case I forget my wallet or leave my purse at home. It's saved me many trips back home.

7. Bank online. It saves so many wasted trips to the bank! It also makes bill paying a cinch and you don't have to waste time, or gas going to pay bills. I love online banking.

8. Do chores daily. I like to do a load of laundry every single day first thing in the morning. That way it don't pile up and I have to spend a whole day doing it. I do that will all my household chores. It makes life easy :)

9. Enlist the help of others. I do this often, hubby helps out and so do my kids. I realized that I'm only one person and sometimes I need help getting things done.

10. Shop in the "off" hours. I find the stores are way less busy at night and that is my favorite time to shop for groceries. No long check out lanes, and not very many people in the store in general makes for a super fast shopping trip!

Well, those are my ten tips! Hope I helped you out! Remember things don't have to be perfect all the time, take the time to smell the roses!!

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