Wednesday, January 23, 2013

32 weeks

She weighs as much as a Jicama!

Time is still ticking away until Jospehine's arrival. Little by little I am getting things done. We still don't have a crib, who brings home a baby without a crib? I'm thinking we are. We have no place to put one, and I figure (hope, really) that she can sleep in our bassinet for a while. I'm praying everyday that I don't go early. Besides the obvious reasons, we have little to nothing ready. I can't believe we have waited so long!

Last Sunday was my last day of work. FREEDOM!!! It's bad when you dislike a place the way I did that place. My boss was the worst person I have ever worked for. AND. I'm fat and I was very sick of working and carrying around all this extra weight at the same time. Things will be tight for a while, but I'm okay with that. We can make it work... we have before.

So far this week, I've tried to get into the whole "housewife" thing... it's slowly working. I made the bed today... that's about as far as I got! I WILL get myself back into the routine of housework, running kids all over, and trying to find some "me" time. Right now, I'm reaching the miserable point of pregnancy so trying to reach in my washer to get the clothes out can wait, my belly stops me anyway! Hubby has been a blessing this pregnancy, he's done so much around the house. My house would be in shambles if it wasn't for him. It's close, but he's tried to hard and done a pretty good job.

That's all for this little update!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year! I'm back!!

Hi, I'm Sheila and I'm a bad blogger. (Hi, Sheila) It's been almost a year since my last post, and in my defense... I've been a little busy! I started working almost 2 years ago, after staying home for 4 years. It was madness, really. I didn't know how to fit everyday things into my life lol. Eventually I got over that, but still stopped posting here.

Here it is January of 2013, and I have ONE WEEK LEFT, til my 2 week notice at work expires and I will be back to being a SAHM. Not quite sure how I feel about all that. Getting back in my routine will be difficult and I'm sure I will go through another period of not knowing my ass from a hole in the ground for a couple of months! I can do it, I'm ready for the crazy. I work best in crazy conditions. Saying I'm ready is really an understatement. I've hated my job for the last 6 months. My crazy boss, the crazy customers... hell that could be a blog all of it's own!

 I've really missed everything that I took for granted before. Like being able to leave at the drop of a hat. Taking my kids to the water park on a whim. Being able to go to every. single. girl scout event. My daughter has kept track of everything that I have missed lol! I now owe her 9 "Mommy/Daughter days", for the things that I had to miss out on because of work. That's totally okay in my book, I love those days. I've missed my son like crazy. I feel like I worked his whole toddlerhood (is that a word?) He starts preschool next August, and just the thought of my baby being in school makes me want to cry like a baby. He's getting so big so fast.

Speaking of babies...

BABY #3 is on it's way!! I'm 31 weeks pregnant and Due March 15th 2013!! It's a girl! I'm way excited to shop for girl clothes again :)

After many, many, many mind changes we decided to go for it and try for #3. Maybe TMI, but all it takes is once lol! She was conceived before we could change our minds again, she is my meant to be baby. Her name is going to be Josephine Jean, though we are planning to call her Josie.

I can't wait til she gets here. BUT, I have NOTHING ready yet. Not a thing. Well, I have a couple packs of diapers. No clothes, no where for her to sleep, not a thing. I'm still waiting for this nesting thing to kick in. I really need to get motivated and get things ready for her arrival. I go in on March 8th for a C-section (let me tell ya how happy I am about that. NOT AT ALL) so time is ticking away!

Well I suppose I will stop rambling. I'm sure not many people will be reading this here blog of mine, seeing how it's been all but deserted for a long time. BUT... if your reading, thank you! I hope to get back into reviews and giveaways sooner or later (probably a little later) and I will keep posting this time!

Happy New Year!!