Friday, January 14, 2011

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So, I didn't exactly start dieting on New Years Day. Actually I didn't really start until this past Monday (oops), but I've lost 4 lbs already. Sweet! Still have a long way to go, but I'm in the right "mind set" and I'm pretty damn determined!
I started doing the Herbalife diet again, it worked last time with a few minor tweaks and changes. I simply cannot afford what it costs. I bought the protein shake mix from Walmart instead of buying their drink mix. So I got ALMOST the same thing for half the price.
I did buy their Total Control pills. They give me a ton of energy and curb my appetite. At $40 for a months supply though, I might have to find something else that does that same thing.
I've also started the diet plan they laid out for me too. High protein, high fiber, low carb, low sugar. It sounds simple enough, but finding food that tastes good is hard.
Just gonna have to deal with it though until I get in the right groove of things!

Well, that's all, thanks for listening to me ramble!
Wish me luck!


Joanne said...

That's ok if you didn't start on New Year's Day. I have some resolutions for this year that I won't be starting for a while. I think the point is just starting, and you did. Good for you! Good luck!

Lady V dZine said...

Hey, I am just getting started on my 2011 Getting Fit goals, so don't feel bad!