Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Switching It UP!

Hello lovely readers! Here I am again with a new Social Moms opportunity, I love working with them! This writing prompt comes from Cottonelle, they would like to know what little "switches" we have made to make a difference in our lives! I always say it's the little things that count, so here are a few switches that I have recently made.

The first one is taking time for me. That sounds like it would be a big switch, but it's really not. I take 5 minutes for myself to read an extra chapter in my book or to play around on facebook. Sometimes I take that 5 minutes to just hide in the bathroom. 5 minutes here and there for "mom" time really helps me. Sometimes I need that 5 minutes to stay sane!

Another thing I have recently switched up is having more time with my husband. I've started getting up earlier in the mornings so that I can see him for a little bit before he goes to work - kid free. Those kid free moments are something him and I hardly ever get, so they are cherished. We talk about his job, and what all he has to do that day or what I'm planning on doing with the kids. We check the weather together every morning too, and normally complain about how cold it's going to be! I love our morning time together - even if I do look like a walking zombie!

Another switch I've made is dropping the soda. I can't really say  this one is little though. It's been about a week now since I've stopped drinking soda and I feel so much better. I have way more energy and I'm not dehydrated anymore. I started drinking water instead. I use flavoring from Walmart and I love it. It don't have the same "texture" and soda, but it tastes great!

I also switched up how I pay my bills. I should have done this long ago. I started using... online bill pay! My cousin and friends made fun of me until I tried it, and I found out that it makes life so much easier. I have more time to hang out with the kiddos or to make crafts or what ever for girl scouts. I have always hated going to the pay stations to pay bills, online is so much more simple! I'm hooked now.

One of the best switches I have made is starting to freeze meals. I started doing it for my friend that is having surgery, and then realized that I could do it for my house too. Every meal I have made for the last 2 weeks has been doubled and part of it going in my freezer. I thought that it would be really hard, but since I'm already making dinner it's so easy to make a second batch at the same time! It will save me time and energy later. There are so many great websites that help with it. I think I may try once a month cooking next month!

Well there are a few of the things that I have switched up recently, and for the better. My favorite is probably waking up early to hang out with my husband! I'd love to hear about the little things you have switched that make your life easier. Thanks for reading!

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