Saturday, April 9, 2011

Daisy Lock In!

So, one of the best parts about being a girl scout leader is getting to go to everything with my daughter. Except for when I don't get to go! Noodle went to her first Daisy Lock In last night, I'm gonna go pick her up in about an hour. I couldn't stay because I had no one to watch my son. From some of the pictures on facebook from other moms, I could tell she had a great time! I can't wait to hear what all they did. They are supposed to be making pancakes this morning, she will love that!
Here she is all ready to go! She has only stayed somewhere overnight just a few times, and it's always been to my best friends house. I was worried about her all night, though I knew I had minimal reason to worry lol! She was surrounded by at least 40 other girl scouts, DAISY girl scouts. All kindergarten and first graders. Maybe it's a good thing I had to stay home! I hope she had fun, I can't wait to see the pictures that the other troop leader took and I really can't wait til I get to hear her telling us how much fun it was!
One hour and counting... I miss my baby!

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