Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Happy Family

First thing in the morning and my whole family is cranky, so being the mom I always find a way to make them happy. A lot of times I go for a great breakfast to help make start their day off right. However there are a ton of other ways I like to make and keep my family happy. So, I'll share them here!

The first thing I do to keep my kids and husband happy is cook! They all love home cooked meals and even though it's not something I am great at, they love it. Breakfast is probably the one they like the most, and we all eat breakfast together when possible. Pancakes and french toast are their favorites, and I've come up with a few different ways to make them creative and yummy all at the same time. The smile on their faces during and after breakfast makes getting up early worth it!

Another thing I like to do to keep my family happy is to make sure we all get to spend time together as a family. We went from one movie night and one game night a week to about 4 out of 7 nights we are together. Routines can get the best of us, so we like those nights where we can switch things up. We recently got the Xbox Kinect and game nights have become a favorite around here. We all love spending time together and it's super fun!

I also like to put little notes in my daughter's lunch box and husband's coat pockets. They get to read them when I'm not around and they both love them. I like to come up with short day trips for my family and I to go one, and they enjoy the break too. They love going on day trips and doing all the fun stuff I find! I love to take my daughter for a mother/daughter day and go get our nails done. The time we get together keeps both of us happy. My son and I go to the park a lot while sissy is at school. That keeps him happy. My husband and I like to go play poker when we can get a sitter, and adult interaction definitely keeps my husband and myself super happy!

This one may sound like a housewife cliché but keeping my house clean also keeps my kids and husband happy. He likes coming home to a clean house and the kids like seeing how dirty they can get the house! I had some issues with this when I first became a stay at home mom, but I've gotten in a groove and my family appreciates it a lot.

Those are a few things I do to keep my family happy. I know they appreciate it, and I love doing things to keep them happy. What are some things that you do for your family? I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

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