Monday, February 28, 2011

Alien Abduction!

The new movie Mars Needs Mom looks super cute, however it kind of leaves you wondering "What would kids do without moms?" There are so many thing that I do for my kids that even I take for granted. I wonder what my kids would miss most about me if I were abducted by aliens? Here's what I think my kids would miss most about me. If you ask them though, it may be different!

1. Story time. I read to my kiddos every night before bed, we all hang out in my room and pick a book to read. I may exaggerate it a little, and I may even act out the story line, and sometimes I may even read in an English accent! My kids love story time, and so do I! They would definitely miss it.

2. Edible food! My husband tries to cook, but it just don't work out all that well for him! They might like pizza every night for a while, but I'm sure my daughter would miss my homemade chicken N' Dumplings. My son would definitely miss my goulash. While I'm not the best cook, I can make their favorites really well!

3. Clean clothes. My son, he wouldn't care since he's only two. However my daughter has to have her clothes perfect for school. She would flip out the first time her "skinny jeans" were not clean. Or if they got ruined in the wash, she would have a meltdown! Without me, there would be no clean laundry and crunchy towels are no bueno!

4. Mommy and me time. I do a ton of stuff with my children but I always make sure they have their special alone time with me. My daughter and I get our nails done at least once a month and my son and I find some cool train tracks to hang out at. I love that "bonding" time with them. They love having their own special day!

5. Extracurricular activities. I'm a troop leader for my daughters girl scout troop. I couldn't see hubby taking that job over either. My daughter has a special patch saying that her mom is a troop leader, and it's her favorite patch. We do SO many things together for girl scouts, we both love that time together.

6. Zombies. Yes, zombies! We all act like we are zombies and pretend to eat each others brains. It's super silly, but my kids love it. They started it because of my husband's video game, and it's turned into this giant game that we play almost daily.

7. Craft night. Once a week we try to do a craft. Sometimes it's as simple as painting a picture. Other times it's more involved like making jewelry or window clings. Both kiddos love that night. I don't love cleaning after it, but someone's gotta do it!

8. Play dates. I take my kiddos on play dates a few times a week. I love that they get to interact with other kids their age AND that I get some adult interaction at the same time. I really can't see my husband hanging out with a bunch of other moms talking about dirty diapers!

9. Little notes. My daughter would miss the funny little notes I put in her lunch box everyday. She gets so excited to see what I will come up with to put in there. My son can't read but I put paper with happy faces in his coat pocket sometimes, and he enjoys that too!

10. ME! I think they would just miss me being here to keep things in order and love on them. I'm constantly hugging or kissing or holding one of them. I think they would miss my presence the most. Besides, who would break up the fights if I wasn't here?

Those are the 10 things I think my kids would miss the most about me. Moms are very important people, lets home there are no aliens coming for us! My kids would go a little crazy! What would your kids miss most about you?

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