Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm ready!


Are you ready for Christmas yet? I am almost there! WHOOO! Normally every year, I have nothing wrapped at this point and there are still a ton of things I want to get. This year is a whole different ball game! I only have 2 presents left to wrap and about 5 more things I want to get and I am completely done! I will finish it up this Sunday. To have all that done is a major accomplishment, I have a TON of people to buy for.

Monday we are going to get pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. We have to wait until 7:30 at night, which is melt down time for Nugget. So, I'm hoping he will cooperate and we can get some amazing photos. The chances of that happening are slim, but I'm still hopeful.

I'm super excited for Christmas this year. Can't wait to see the kiddos open their gifts. Can't wait for Christmas Eve to see their faces filled with anticipation. Can't wait for Christmas dinner at my aunts house. I love Christmas time! I think my favorite part is shopping for my husband.  I love finding him the perfect gift. It's semi- easy to shop for my kiddos, and it's fun too. Just not as fun as shopping for hubby.

 Some things under my tree this year for the Noodle and the Nugget:




And a ton more. Every year they end up overloaded. 
I wont tell ya about what I got the hubby, on the off chance that he will read this. But, I am excited to see him open his presents as well!

On my wish list:

It's not the most expensive camera, and I'm sure it's not the greatest BUT I want it! Love that you can share pictures on facebook right from the camera and the best part... it's purple!

I also can't wait for my niece to open her presents. I actually won one of her gifts, and I'm sure she will love it! I won it from Mommy Katie blog. Here's a pic.

I also got her a kitchen set from CSN Stores. I got it on sale and I'm sure she will love it too!

Well I guess I'm done rambling! Thanks for reading!

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