Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hopes and Dreams in 2011!

With the new year coming faster than I would like, it's time to think about where my life is going and what I would like to change, what previous plans need to altered or even excluded altogether. I do it every year, and even though some of the things I change are small, they still make a big impact! This year I have quite a few things planned, so I thought I would share them!

The number one thing I plan to change in the near future: A baby. We have talked about it numerous times and finally decided that another baby would complete us. I plan to start trying after the new year. I am super scared about this one! I've had problems in the past getting and staying pregnant, so this major life change is a scary one. But it's one I'm ready to face!

The second  new possibility is exciting. We are going to try to buy a house in the next 6 months. I have wanted to do this for so long, everything is finally coming together and I think we may be able to do it! We plan to get a 4 bedroom for the possible new baby. If a new baby is not "meant to be", I'm sure my husband will have fun decorating an extra bedroom with all of his toys action figures! I have daydreams of decorating our new house everyday, and I get excited thinking about it!

Another big plan is to start eating better. I am a McDonalds addict. I wish there was a support group! Everyday I go get a Dr. Pepper from McDonalds. I absolutely have to stop. My husband and I have decided that at the beginning of the year we are going to start eating better and living healthier. We are waiting until then because with the holidays being so close, it's hard to stay away from all the goodies! The main motivation for this is to be around to see our kids grow. They deserve for us to be healthy, and as active as we can be. At the rate we are going now, we wont be in shape when they need us to be. There is nothing I fear more than my kids thinking we are not there for them, so this change is needed.

My last aspiration is to save more money. I'm sure this one is on everyone's list! It's so hard in this economy, but I believe we can do it. My husband has a lot of side jobs that he does, and we plan to put that money back into a savings account for emergencies. Hopefully those emergencies will be few and far between!

Normally I would say I would like to lose weight, but I believe that will come with eating better! These are the things I would like to change in 2011. I can't wait to see what the new year brings since I have a game plan this year! Hopes and dreams can easily be altered, but I really hope these plans are meant to be! I hope you will share what you would like to change in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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