Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Energizer Smart Charger

I think an Energizer Smart Charger would make my life easier because I'm constantly on the go. I would love to be able to charge batteries over night instead of making sure I stop by the store to grab batteries. I'm always taking pictures and it seems like at every important event the batteries run out and I'm left with no pictures. (4th of July, B-days, and Christmas - just this last year lol)
The Energizer Smart Charger would be perfect for our family! I love this video of the Energizer kids take charge #recharge!

Energizer is offering up a $15 Target gift card and Energizer Smart Charger to anyone who posts a blog about the following topics:
  • Recapping your encounter with our Smart ChargHers at BlogHer
  • Review of any Energizer charger and/or Energizer rechargeable batteries
  • Why you think an Energizer Smart Charger would make your life easier
If you have any friends that would like to take advantage of this, please let them know. All they have to do is write the post and send it to and we’ll send out a gift card and charger. This opportunity is open until August 27, 2010 (first 200 entries only).

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Josh Healy said...

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