Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Search & Win

Swagbucks is a search engine supported by Google and Ask.com. However, when you use this site you earn points to but stuff or get gift cards to any store like: Best Buy, iTunes, Target, Subway, ect...
So, for the past few months I have been using Swagbucks to do all of my online searching. It is definately paying off for me! So far, I have earned enough swagbucks to get five 5 dollar gift cards to Amazon! Who doesn't love Amazon?!
When you get your friends to sign up under you, they get 3 dollars to start, and you get whatever swagbucks they earn up to 100!! And they also have contests, and give out swag codes, so you get swagbucks for doing NOTHING!! So GO CHECK IT OUT AND GET STARTED TODAY!!! Yes, I'm shouting, cause Swagbucks ROCKS!!!


Julie. said...

Thanks for the great info!

karenraye said...

I always worry about spyware and pop ups. Is swagbucks safe?