Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday! Twilight!

What is Girl Talk Thursday? It’s a chance to gossip and giggle, to speculate, to say bad words, to down a Margarita or rant (or rave) about your sex life. Even if weekly happy hours are an event from your former life, you can still take time to connect with your bloggy sisters. Grab the salt, a slice of lime, lick your wrist, and go.

This week were talking about... TWILIGHT!

I personally LOVE it! I'm hooked. After I seen the movie, I had to go get New Moon, and then I had to watch the movie again!! And thanks to Annette at Fairy Blog Mother I can! I won her giveaway for the 2 disc special edition of Twilight! I've watched it twice since I got it in the mail! lol

My anniversary was Monday, and my husband bought me Breaking Dawn and Eclipse, and the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion book! (He totally rocks!) I have yet to get a chance to start Eclipse, but I am itching to get started!

I didn't read the first book, so I'm not sure which is better, but the movie rocks. The only downfall for me was the character that played Bella, BUT since I have not read the first book, that may be bad judgement. I just felt like she lacked any kind of enthusiasm for Edward. But again, that could just be me.

It's vampires, romance, and forbidden love, what more could a girl (like me anyway) ask for?

Head over to Mommy Melee and join us for Girl Talk Thursday!


Annette said...

You are absolutely right about Bella in the movie. To be she kind of sucked LOL (in the movie).

I still like the movie though. Glad you're enjoying your wipe that drool off your chin. :)

Fairy Blog Mother

Nadine said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the blog party. I read your party post and your children are very cute.

I've never seen the movie - so I don't have anything to share about it.

Mommy Melee said...

Hey thanks for playing along!

I actually found Bella LESS annoying in the movie. Maybe because I didn't have to live in her headspace the whole time. Haha.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Hi. I'm finally getting around to visiting the friends who popped by during the Spring Fling. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute site - I love your header.

I'm a Twilight fan too. The books more than the movie. On my blog I've got a link to some Twilight inspired scents that are really yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hope I could join. If not, that's OK, too.


Twitter: AboutParenting

gahome2mom said...

You won the Oliver's Labels contest! Please contact me asap. :) Congrats!