Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad mommy moments

Yeah, so lately I'm feeling like a crappy mommy.
A few weeks ago, I needed to take a shower when my hubby was at work. So, like always I put my Nugget in his bouncer seat, and got ready to get in the shower. I went to get a towel, only to hear a really loud cry! Go back into the bathroom to see my son face down on the bathroom floor, his butt still strapped in the chair. Apparently, he is too big for the chair! Bad mommy moment #1!
I already blogged about my daughter having to get stitches about a month ago. My poor baby, now has a huge scar. Well, its not really all that big, but it is very visible! I say this is a bad mommy moment because I should have made her stop jumping around! Bad mommy moment #2!
Last night, I put Chase to sleep like normal, in our bed, with pillows around him. He fell off the bed. We have hardwood floors. I cried, he giggled. Bad mommy moment #3!
I'm hoping these moments go away soon, though I know they wont. I've probably had a million bad mommy moments since the birth of my daughter!

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Anonymous said...

I've experienced Bad Mommy Moment #1 quite a few times. ;)