Monday, July 11, 2011

Ten reasons why you would want to visit Virgina Beach

Back again today with another blogging opportunity from Social Moms! Today they would love to know 10 Reasons Why You Would Want To Visit Virgina Beach! With it being summertime right now, we have been looking and planning on places we would love to go, and Virgina Beach is definitely on our list. Below are some of the reasons why.

1. Memories. I've been to Virgina Beach before and I absolutely loved it. I only got to stay for one day though, and I would love to go back and re-visit the hotel we stayed in and just reminisce on my teen years for a little bit. My trip to Virgina Beach was the first trip that I took without my parents, and it was a very fun trip!

2. Events. There are so many cool things in Virgina Beach! I would love to go check out the Symphony by the Sea concert series, Family Great Adventures Series, and the Funk Fest. All of them look like something my whole family would enjoy. I would love making new memories with my family!

3. The food! I remember the food being amazing there! I cannot remember where we ate at, but I would LOVE to try the food at the Aberdeen Barn Restaurant or the seafood at Captain George's Seafood! I love trying new food in different places.

4. I would love to take my kids to the Grommet Island Park at Virgina Beach. I think they would have a blast playing at the park after a long day at the beach! This park is awesome because it is a park for everyone since it's handicap accessible and even better, it's on the oceanfront!

5. The Surf, Sun, and Sand! The idea of going to any beach sounds amazing right about now, it's so hot outside. Why not make it a beautiful beach?! I would love to watch my kids building sandcastles while working on my tan!

6. The museums look amazing at Virgina Beach. I would love to take my kids there so they could learn a bit about Virgina's history. My daughter would love to visit the Francis Land House, and my son would like going to the US Navy's Master Jet Base, NAS Oceana. I would really like to see the King Neptune Statue. There are over 10 museums around Virgina Beach, a lot to choose from!

7. The getaway! Aside from being a beautiful place to visit, it would be SO nice to get away from day to day life around here. We are all itching for a vacation right about now. Going to Virgina Beach for me would be like walking into another life for a bit, and after spending the whole summer (so far) at home, a vacation would be more than welcome!

8. The accommodations. The getaway packages look amazing! The hotels all seem reasonable and the package deals are even better! You could even go camping, or get the whole family together and rent a vacation home. Personally, I would like to stay in Angie's Guest Cottage.

9. The weather! Being in Missouri, I really really want to get out of this humidity! Virgina Beach is known for it's amazing weather, and even if your going in May the highs are in the 70's! The high in June is around 82 degrees, I would love a break from this incessant heat!

10. The family experience! I know going to Virgina Beach would be a great vacation for my family. I would love to be able to take them there. We would make so many memories and have so much fun with all the attractions. It would be something my family would always remember!

So those are my top ten reasons that I would love to visit Virgina Beach! There are so many more reasons! Check it out and request your Vacation Guide today! Thanks for reading, and if you've been there leave me a comment and let me know your favorite part!

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