Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Tornado... hits close to home.

"Home" not really being psychical, more emotional, though Joplin is a mere 160 miles away. The horrible tragedy in Joplin makes you realize how precious life really is and how everything you know and love could be gone in an instant. It makes me want to hug my babies a little more and not let go. It's been so hard reading, watching, and listening to all the videos and news reports from Joplin. I literally had to make myself walk away from my computer after hours of surfing different news sites reporting from Joplin. It seems like each picture I see is worst than the last. It is - in one word - horrible.
Picture taken from CNN.

It's heart wrenching to think about. A group of us are going to go donate blood today. Other than prayers that is just about all we can do right now. Next week we are going down to help with clean up, and I can see us doing that every week for a very long time to come. They are going to need help for a long time. I hope that once the "newness" of this passes that people will still remember that they need help.

Just a reminder that when bad things happen dirtbags come out of the woodwork trying to scam people for money. Please make sure that if you donate money to do it through a well known site. Make sure your hard earned money is going to Joplin and not some dirtbag looking to gain a few bucks off of other peoples tragedy. It's all over facebook. It's really sad.
To give now and ensure 100% of the proceeds go to Joplin:
- Go to http://www.uwheartmo.org/ and click to donate
- Text JOPLIN to 864833 ($10 donation)
- Call the Heart of Missouri United Way at 573-443-4523 
 Please pray for everyone involved, those directly affected as well as indirectly. The volunteers and even the reporters could use some prayers. There is another bad round of weather due to hit Missouri today and tonight. Thanks for reading. 

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