Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Share the Happiness!

There are times when a simple smile would brighten my mood tremendously. That's why I always make it my mission to share the happiness with people around me. It can be strangers, family, friends, or that check out lady at the supermarket! Every once in a while, you may just make someone's day by being friendly. Here are a few ways that I "share the happiness".

I always smile. Sometimes it can be taken as being overly friendly, but I believe that smiles really are contagious. It can brighten someones day even just a little bit. It may sound corny but when I was 15 I set a goal to smile at everyone I came across, and it really improved my outlook on life. There are off days when I'm not a smiley person but I still try to smile at the lady in the drive through at McDonald's freezing their behind off.

I leave little notes. About a year ago I came across the Operation Beautiful website. It's where people leave little notes in public bathrooms or where ever just to remind the person that comes across it that they are beautiful and worth it. Since then I have left a "reminder" note in every public bathroom I've used. I had the pleasure of getting an Operation Beautiful note one time, and I was happy that entire day!
I also leave little notes for my husband on the bathroom mirror telling him to have a good day at work, or how much I love him. He says they are silly, but I've seen him smile when he gets them! He also saves all of them, so my "sillyness" pays off!
When my daughter takes her lunch to school I always pack a note in there. Sometimes it's a joke, or funny picture, or just an "I love you". She tells me her teachers think it's fun, and I know she loves it! I love to brighten her day even when I'm not around!

Another way I share the happiness is to let distant family and friends know I'm thinking of them. I call family at least once a week to catch up. Most weeks it's quite a few times. It's nice to hear someones voice, even if they are just checking in. Talking about "nothing" makes me happy!

I also leave little Hershey's kisses candies for my kiddos. A little hug or a kiss when I'm not there. My daughter loves them, my son - well he just devours them!

There are so many ways to spread the happiness! A simple smile to me is the best way, a smile goes a long way! I hope you have enjoyed reading the ways I like to spread happiness. I would love to hear your fun ways!

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

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Molly Gilroy - Baby Noises said...

I think smiles are great but I also like to drop by a friend's Facebook account from time to time and hit "like" on a few of their posts. This way they know I am thinking of them too :)

On another note, I have friends over at Nurture Center in San Fransisco, CA (they carry eco-friendly baby products like reusable diapers & water birthing tubs) and was wondering if you could add a link to your website?

In exchange I could add a link & review of your website on mine or Nurture Center could make a one time monetary donation to you. Let me know if this interests you or if you are open to any other ideas from them.

Look forward to hearing back from you either way..... Thanks for taking the time to respond to me!!

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