Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Brings Comfort and Joy!

When I seen this opportunity I knew I had to grab at it. It's not very often that you sit down and think about who or what brings you comfort. A lot of times it's easy to take them for granted. With Thanksgiving coming up, I was thinking about everyone I'm thankful for just the other day. I'd like to share it here!

I could sum it all up in one word, Family. My family has always been my rock in one way or another. My family brings me more comfort than a tub of ice cream brings a girl that just went through a horrible break up! Here's an example. When I was little my grandmother lived with us, I thought that it was normal until high school. I just thought all families lived together forever. I loved the fact that she was always there. When she had her stroke when I was 15, our family bonded together to help keep her happy. She lived for 3 years after her stroke and even though it was hard, we took care of her until the very end. AND even though it was hard for HER, she was still there for me. She listened to boy troubles, school troubles, and even boring work trouble. Before she had her stroke, she was always there and that didn't stop. When she passed away, my whole family helped support each other. It brought us all closer - as if that were possible.

Another example. When I first met my husband and decided to move out, my mom lost it lol! She didn't want to lose her baby, and I had a hard time leaving. When I got pregnant not long after, she was there for me and as excited as I was. When I lost that baby my mom was the shoulder that I cried on... for days. The rest of family was also there for me. To listen or to talk or whatever I needed. They brought me comfort when I needed it the most. I went on to have my daughter and 3 more miscarriages before having my son. Each miscarriage hurt worst than the last, and my family, including my new husband, never let me sink.

My family now is still my comfort and joy! My kids bring a smile to my face a million times a day, and I would be so lost without them! My cousin is my best friend, and her daughter is another (beautiful) light in my life.  My mom is and always will be, my rock. My husband listens any time I need to talk, and he is also an amazing comfort to me.

Now that I have my own family to take care of, I make sure that my kids know how important it is to trust each other and always be there for one another. To comfort one another and just listen. Family, to me, is the most important thing in the world. Family, to me, is comfort and joy!

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Kas said...

You are so right! Family is the most important thing and those little smiles bring comfort. :)