Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween - A little late!

Halloween was great this year! We carved pumpkins, painted pumpkins, and got dressed up 3 different times. We also went to The Red Barn Farm and to 2 different Fall Festivals. Both kiddos had a great time, and got a ton of candy :) (aka Momma's gonna get fat).
  My son hated getting the pumpkin "guts" from the pumpkin, but my daughter was all over it! She had so much fun. Nugget liked painting the whole freaking kitchen pumpkin better.

 Yes, both my kiddos were vampires. Noodle convinced me and her dad that her brother HAD to be a vamp with her, so she wouldn't get lonely when everyone else passed on... yeah nice huh? At least she has an imagination, and I think that's great. I love this picture of her :)
 Nugget didn't dig his costume very much. He hated the cape. He did look pretty cute though. The Mooch and my cousin Dani went trick or treating with us. They all looked adorable, if ya ask me!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


ModernMom said...

How adoralbe! Those are some cute vampires:)

I'm Tatom said...

What cuties you have on your hands. Love the pumpkin painting.

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