Friday, October 16, 2009

Bitch and Moan 10/16

Fairy Blog Mother
Annette at Fairy Blog Mother Blog has this meme every friday, this is my first time joining it, and it looks like fun!
Time to bitch and moan and vent out all your frustrations before the weekend.

Grab the bitch and moan button and link up your blog post on the linky at Fairy Blog Mother Blog.

So, what pissed you off this week?

My husband.
He can be such an ass. Even when he's not trying to be, he is. Seriously, stop being a dick, I know it comes naturally for you, but stop already. Ass Clown.

Dr. Freakin Phil.
Well not him this time, but his show in general. The SAHM's vs. the Working mom's show was ridiculous. The chicks on there pissed me off so bad! I'm a SAHM and it was another SAHM that made me mad the most! She said that if you can't make time for your kids (STAY AT HOME) then you shouldn't have them. WHAT? REALLY? I'm glad your living in lala land chick, 'cause where I come from people have to work for a living!

My son's bodily functions.
AGH! I'm so sick of poop! I don't know how the hell he does it but everyday at nap time for the last 4 days, he has gotten his diaper and pants off and shit on his pillow. Why must he do that? I only have 2 sets of bed sheets for his room. I'm washing a full set of sheets everyday. Grr.

I guess that's all that pissed me off this week. I'm surprised I can't think of more.


Annette said...

Hehehehe Ass Clown. Love it.

Dr. Phil is full of shit. I can't stand him.

Poop. Poop on pillows. LOLOLOLOL

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

Glad you decided to join in on the B&M fun!!
I love how you call your hubby an AssClown, I guess he doesn't read your blog???
You're the second mom who said that he kid has gotten his diaper off and pooped on the pillow, God am I glad I had dumb kids... and SO glad they are grown up now.
My hubby hates Dr. Phil, too... I happen to like him.
Welcome to our little bitch-fest, hope you keep it up, we need more bitches! :-)

- Marybeth I. said...

ewwww! God I am glad those days are behind me.

My middle daughter pooped in her crib and played with it. My husband claimed he cleaned it all up but knowing his idea of clean and mine are different, I checked carefully. she had a jinny lind style crib and yes, he did NOT get it all cleaned up. There was poop in the crevices on the spindles. I sat cleaning spindles with baby wipes for quite some time....