Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Park Days

Sunday we got to go to the park for a while, two different parks actually. It may be one of the last nice days around here, so I'm glad we got to enjoy it. I'm not looking forward to being stuck in the house during winter. I know there are things to do during the winter, but I go crazy without fresh air!
I went on a rant at the first one after my son kept finding beer bottles all over. So, we left and we to another. It makes me crazy that people can't respect our parks, and help keep them clean. That's a whole different post though!

We had every intention on feeding the geese at the first park, until I seen the signs saying that we can no longer do that! Also, most of the geese have flown south I think, because there were only like 5 there, so we skipped that and had fun playing!

They had fun playing on the swings! Upside down Noodle!

My nugget and his goofy expressions!

My cheese ball niece!

He is a monkey and climbs on everything!

Goofy Noodle!

At the second park, he was only interested in the wood chips!

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Dee said...

GREAT pictures! I love park days!