Friday, September 4, 2009


I've posted before of my clumsiness, and you would think that as I got older it would fade away, or just stop. No, actually I think it's gotten worse. In the last year I have fell down (or up) the stairs multiple times, face planted into a door frame, tripped over numerous things, or just plain fell over NOTHING! Yesterday, I was just walking, holding my son, a drink, my cell phone, keys, and a diaper bag. I should have known better, because ya know, it's me after all. I tripped over nothing, yes nothing, and dropped everything but my son. It's amazing what you can think of in the split second before you land lol, I turned so I didn't land on my son. But I hurt my knee and elbow. And. I dropped my freakin drink. A brand new drink. Grrrr. But, my son was fine, scared but fine. That's all that really matters.

I sure hope my nugget don't get my clumsy gene, it's too late for my noodle. She is already just like me!

OUCH!! These are crappy cell phone pics that were taken so my husband could make fun of me when I sent them to him lol!

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