Friday, September 11, 2009

About Mom2anutball!

My blog has no theme. I don't know if that really means anything or not. Maybe I don't have a theme because I'm not sure where I want to go with it. I started this blog back in January because I love entering blog giveaways, and I thought it would be a great place to keep track of them, and let others know about all the great giveaways I found. It's turned into more than that in the last few months. Now, I'm hosting giveaways every now and then, and it's a place for me to get things off my chest, or just to "talk" about some of the crazy things that happen in everyday life. I love blogging.

Then why don't I blog everyday? Is it time? Laziness? Other more important things to do? (like enter other giveaways!) It might be because I don't think people would want to read about lil ole me, and my slice of boringness.(that is a word, right?) Blogging is something I love to do, but I don't do it enough.

Anyway, I'm going to keep blogging, and hopefully more than I have been, and since I've decided to blog more, I thought you might want a little glimpse into all that is me, you do right??? Just say yes! :) ... your so sweet!

Well, here goes some randomness...

I love this pic! :)

I say "yo" and "diggity" at least 5 times a day. I'm not gangster. I just like it, and it fits.

I start projects, and give up on them before I finish. I have an afghan that I started two years ago, it's about half way done. I do that with all kinds of things. I get bored too quick.

I call my daughter and son "turd bucket" and "monkey butt" and "potato face" on a daily basis. Terms of endearment, really.

I graduated from an "alternative" high school. It was only 3 hours a day. I had to help take care of my grandmother and work, and there was not enough hours in the day for regular school. Since I graduated I've felt "less than" since I didn't graduate from a regular high school.

I worked the night shift at Waffle Hell House from age 15 to 19. I met my first real boyfriend there. He was 30, I was 17. Yikes. In my defense, HE. WAS. IN. A. BAND.

I think of my cousin as a sister, she has been and always will be there for me for anything and everything. She might not know it, but she is my rock. I totally got her hooked on blog sweeps!

My husband drives me insane on a daily basis. 'Nuff said.

I begged my husband for a cat for 3 years. He hates cats but he finally gave in. The cat I got was PSYCHO, now I don't want a cat at all. Nice huh? My luck lol!

I hate bodily functions, specifically from my son. Since I gave birth to him, I have been peed on, crapped on, and puked on more than one mother deserves. But he's worth it :)

I watch Disney and Nick more than my kids do. Yes. It's sad. :)

I have issues with odd numbers. It used to be horrible, I would count everything! If I'm putting gas in my car and it goes over by a penny, then I have to make it 2 cents. I scheduled my c-section on 08-18-08 and put off my induction with my daughter so I could have her on the 14th instead of the 9th. I have 3 tattoos and I think about it every night before I fall asleep. It's making me crazy, and I'm itching to get another! I'm getting better though.... really!

Hmmm one more? Oh, I made a pillow today, and it looks like crap! Now, I want a sewing machine so I make pillows lol!

Well thanks for reading my randomness, I would love to hear any quirks about you!

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