Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Nugget!!

A year ago today at 4:48 pm, my little man graced us with his presence! I thought that day would never come, it was a long nine months (as you can see I was GIGANTIC!) and it was pure bliss the first time I held him! We started trying for him when my daughter was a year old, and even though it took 3 years, he was worth the wait!

So many milestones, roadblocks, and trials have come this past year! I cannot believe my little bundle of joy is NOT SO LITTLE NOW!! But still a joy! He has grown so much, and he is a little pig! He eats more than his sister, and has since he was 8 months old! Here is is at 8 months being a ham, (it's what he does best!)

Saturday he started walking, now I'm in for a world of trouble! It's so cute watching him stumble around. When he falls it's "Ohhhh" every time! Lately he has had a thing with headbutting anything near him, just to get a laugh out of his sister! He is already a class clown, and will do anything to get her to laugh. I think she is his favorite person. He says "nana" for Savannah, "ma mom" for me, and "dad dad" for Daddy! It's "Uh Oh" anytime he drops something, and "ewww" for poop!
Here he is enjoying his birthday cake! My camera died, but for future reference, blue icing is NOT a good idea!



Mc's Mommy said...

So cute. I can't believe he's already 1! You know what that means. In 4 months, my little one will be one. ;(

thinkingbrain135 said...

Absolutely adorable! I know all too well how boy fetuses love to lay in front, stretching your stomach to the point you think it'll just burst open.

We had a pink icing ordeal last month with my niece's birthday cupcakes. I was getting pj's together for our youngest son while he played in the tub. As I was reaching into his drawer to pull out his pj's my hand hit something soft. He had hidden a cupcake...with blazing pink icing...in his jammie drawer. It was crammed between brand new pj's. I think I fainted.

Hope your little man had an awesome birthday!!

Ashley said...

He's really cute!
Thanks so much for following my blog and entering my giveaways!!