Friday, July 31, 2009

Totally a random thought

Last night I was trying very hard to get to sleep. It was 2 hours after my hubby went to bed, because of my Internet addiction I often find myself awake way after I should be asleep. So, I'm laying there thinking of all the things I need to get done, and for some odd reason I start wondering if I would choose my husband to be with me if I ever had to be stranded on a desert island.
I know that I would want my kids there, though that might be difficult, I would still want them there. I'm not so sure about my husband, I mean he could visit, and help build the things the kids and I need, maybe even gather the firewood. He could definitely find us food to eat. But I wouldn't want him to sleep there. I'm sure he would take up the bed made out of bamboo sticks or whatever. And if he didn't take it up, he would find a way to break it. He could however, unintentionally sabotage, oooops I mean build our shelter.
And while the kids and I are picking the random things off of each other that are sure to get on us, he would try to pop my zits. Yes, I have zits. I leave them alone. He can't. I don't get it. They are my zits, leave them alone. Hmmm.
And if we had a place to bathe, he would surely use all the water. I'm sure he would leave his beard trimmings all over the place once he found something sharp enough to shave it off.
He would probably teach my kids how to fish and find food, and that's a good thing, but he would most likely get them hurt in the process. Some kind of weird disease would surely come our way from some weird "new" animal that he discovers.
Yeah, see I think I would just have the kids and myself on an island, if I got to choose of course!

This is the crazy stuff I think about before falling asleep at night! I do love my husband! He makes me crazy, but I love every minute of it!!


Theta Mom said...

Thanks for the follow on MBC! I'm following back. :) Ever since I started blogging, I find myself staying up late at night, too. Looking forward to reading more from you. :)

Mc's Mommy said...

Wow dude. There's something wrong with you. Seriously.