Friday, July 24, 2009

Fishing trip with Papa

Last week I got brave. Or maybe I just had a momentary lack of sanity. I'm not sure which! My husband, my father in law, and I took my 2 kiddos and my niece and nephew an hour and a half away to go fishing. So really the only adults there, were my father in law and myself! My husband is a big kid, and he totally embraces it!

There were two different ponds that we went to, and at the first pond we caught a ton of fish. Enough to holds the kids attention for a while anyway! My daughter with the short attention span(that she totally got from me) only casted out once before she was bored! But she found other things to amuse her, like flowers, bugs, and the random things that we caught!

My husband caught a turtle, and I caught a frog. And my husband being himself, tried very hard to catch a snake that we saw. Even though he had no clue what kind it was, he wanted to play! See told ya he's a kid... yeah, I'm not sure what I was thinkin either! :)

Anyway, the day went well until my daughter had a major meltdown after being stung by a bee. It was all downhill from there. I felt so bad for her because there were little bugs everywhere that the bug spray seemed to attract instead of repel. After she got stung, every blade of grass that touched her sent her into a frenzy. So I carried her back to the van and we hung out there till things got calmed down.

After getting home and searching each other like monkeys for ticks, I've decided that fishing trips like that will wait til the kids are older! Not only am I seeing ticks that are not there lol, but my daughter is too! I feel like I tortured her, and she is scarred for life! I know it's not that drastic, but I sure feel bad!

Here are a few pictures from our trip!

I caught the biggest fish of the day!

We were a little bored in van! He's rocking his mo hawk!

The famous turtle that is still being talked about!

This was Noodles fun!

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Erin Tales said...

I love the mohawk. My oldest used to sport one!