Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a week!

Im clumsy. Its that simple, I have been my whole life, and its rubbed off on my daughter! This week I have hurt myself three times!
Sunday, I fell down my stairs, about 8 of them. Hurt my back crazy bad, I have degenerative disk diasese anyway, so that really sucked lol!
Tuesday, I put my fist through my back door window. For some reason I thought my husband would hear it if I pounded on the window! I was trying to get his attention to let him know that my daughter hadn't come in the house when he told her to, and she was right behind him. He was on the mower! I thought for sure he was going to run her over! He probably wouldn't have heard me pound on the window, but he sure did hear the glass crashing all over our back stairs! Then he saw all the blood! I think I needed stitches, but I have another big character flaw, Im STUBBORN!
Finally today, I face planted into a door frame lol! Im glad no one was here to see that because Im sure I looked stupid!
Hopefully since bad things come in threes, Im going to make it through the rest of the week all in one piece!
Thanks for reading!!!

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