Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday ~ Fifty Magical Dollars

Girl Talk Thursay is hosted by Mommy Melee, go check out her blog to get the dish! I have totally spaced off the last couple weeks... Im horrible, I know... someone beat me!

What could I do with 50 Guilt free dollars... yeah like that will happen! lol
Ah, the possibilities! I know $50 is not a lot of money, but I think I could make it go pretty far! I think I would spend it to get the supplies to make those hella cute Glass Tile Pendants, I love the ones from LittleKeepsakes Etsy shop! Or maybe I would get THIS cute twilight necklace from PlutosGiftShop. I love Etsy period, so Im sure most, if not all of the $50 would go there!

Or. I would go get some pampering... tanning, nails done, maybe my hair. That sounds really nice too!

If that magical $50 just happened to show up this weekend I would go crazy. My husband and his family run antique shows, and they have one this weekend. I normally end up spending a crazy amount of money at the shows. Kinda pointless for him to try to make more money and take me with him! lol!

So, how would you spend $50?


Stacie's Madness said...

*sigh* yes tanning....I bet $50 will cover a FEW sessions! Woot.

I left a comment on your other blog...


I'm kinda new to Etsy, and I can see how it's appealing!

Annette said...

See now I'm feeling like I need to go back and change what I'd spend my $50 on. Cuz all this talk of pampering and nails and hair and hot stone massages is making me seriously rethink those kitchen items. LOL

Jinxy said...

I so love tile pendants. I want one with my kiddos picture on it so bad.

Great picks for your $50.

Mommy Melee said...

I spend SO much time browsing Etsy for cute pendants.

I really love that necklace, so cute.

Thank you for playing!!