Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter egg hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt was a big hit again this year! 258 eggs and 3 (and a quarter lol) kids to find them all! They all had so much fun! My Noodle won with 107 eggs, her cousins taking 2nd and 3rd, and Chase with 4 lol!

Running to show Papa her egg!

I honestly have no clue how she got so many, she had to show us almost every single one!! Well, I do know actually. Her oldest cousin was using a bag instead of a basket, the bag had a hole in it! I'm pretty sure Noodle was picking up the ones she dropped! Because she told me they just kept appearing, and her cousin said that hers kept disappearing!

He was content with his basket!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

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Jennie said...

Wow looks like they had a ball!