Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dont step on the crack or... do!

I had time with my daughter today, we left the baby with Daddy, and went to the park! It was fun, we really don't have too much alone time together, so I really enjoyed it! I ran with her through the park like I was a kid myself! We had the park to ourselves, which I didn't understand at all, its so nice outside today! I even let her go up the slide the wrong way, which is normally a no go, but hey we were having fun!!
Normally when we are walking somewhere we say "Don't step on the crack or you'll break your mommas back!" And she hops over them and laughs like crazy!
We had to stop by the store on our way home, and she wanted candy. I said no because she has a ton of Easter candy, she got mad!! When we came out of the store, she said "Hey mom." So I turned to look and she jumps on a crack as hard as she can over and over, grinding her foot into it! "That's cause you didn't get me no candy, so HA!!!"
I couldn't help but laugh, and she broke into hysterical laughter too! On our way back to the van she jumped on every crack there was, laughing like crazy! She really thought it was funny when I was yelling OUCH! and acting like my back was breaking!
I had such a fun time with her today! I wish we had more time together, but I guess I shouldn't complain!

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