Sunday, February 22, 2009

No more!

It has been a crazy week! Tuesday, Noodle fell into a shopping cart and got stitches! Thursday, the baby had to get his shots, that was horrible. Then when I got home Savannah was sleeping on the couch. I knew right away she was getting sick, she never takes naps unless she is not feeling well. I wake her up and her temp is 102.1! She is up most of the night feeling crappy. Friday, she's still not feeling well, but getting better. Then Saturday night the baby gets sick. He was up all night long. Him and I got NO sleep! My poor little man felt horrible. I took him to the hospital when his temp hit 103. And he has the Flu. He finally passed out about ten minutes ago.
AGH!!! No more. No more sickness, hospitals, sleepless nights!! At least for a little while! I just want my babies to feel better, and stay better! How come no one ever told me parenting would be so scary????


Shimmermeblue said...

Oh do I feel for you! I remember my son's stitches (only last August) and a few moths after that, he broke his arm! One hell of a year lol

Pamela said...

sounds like a rough weekend, no one ever told you it would be rough because it might have scared you off from having them and it doesn't get any easier just take a day at a time enjoy the good with the bad and cherish every moment because they grow up so fast. I look at my sons now all grown and wonder where all the time went but I would not change a thing.
The Stitches I can so relate, my boys are 14 months apart and for a time there I think they where in a race to see who could get the most, scarey but I made it through and they did too and now tell me chicks dig scars, BOYS!
Have a great day

...The Obnoxious SAHM said...

I am your newest follower and can't agree with you more sick of the sickies! btw i LOVE your name of the blog. how cute!

A Psych Mommy said...

Oh, shots definitely are not fun! Sounds like you had a tough week and I hope this one is treating you better!

Sharla said...

Hey! You won my secret giveaway and I need you to get in touch ASAP! Check your email!