Saturday, January 24, 2009

Organization and Motivation???

I need help.
I have no energy, and my house is a mess.
I can deal with it being messy sometimes, but we have WAY too much stuff. Its everywhere! My husband is a collector, he collects everything you can think of. It makes me crazy! Our crawlspace is packed, and over flowing. The basement looks like the crawlspace does, and all the junk has worked its way upstairs. Im going crazy.
Im surrounded by CRAP!! (a little over-dramatic there!) :)
Im not saying some of its not mine, because I have my fair share of junk, but somethings gotta give! Everytime I talk about getting rid of anything, he freaks out!
How can I convince him to let go of some of it?
How can I organize things so I dont feel like Im surrounded by crap all the time??
I cant wait til this spring, Im having a massive garage sale, and if I have to tie him up to do so then I will! I'll just have to tie him up while he's sleeping!
Motivate me to do something in the mean time! Please give me your tips, I need them!


silverhartgirl said...

Oh my gosh I was thinking the same thing this morning. The living room was clean but it just looked awful because it is so cluttered . their just seems to be stuff everywhere. sorry I cant help just wanted you to know you are not alone

Colored With Memories said...

thanks for grabbing my button...good luck winning the GAP giftcard!

garage sales are the best way to clear out the clutter...we have one every spring and every really does help!

Shops Galore! said...

How about getting rid of stuff little by little. Just make an occasional drop off to Good Will without his knowledge. Not big things, just junky things that you know he hasn't had a use for in years. Also, do you have a 2 car garage? Make him put his stuff on his half of the garage and park his vehicle in the weather. That would kill my husband! That would do the trick. Unfortunately the junk around our house is mine. He is a minimalist. God Bless, Celene