Sunday, January 18, 2009

It goes too fast!

My son is 5 months old today. Really makes me kinda sad! It seriously just seems like I had him last week! Ah, it goes way too fast! I already knew it went quick, my daughter is already four and wow, she starts school this coming year! Im so scared! And I feel so old! Lol!
My nugget already has teeth, two to be exact! Thats part of the reason I have decided to supplement with formula! He keeps biting me! Can you say OUCH?!?! He looks even more cute now when he smiles! I love it!
Okay, enough rambling from me!


Stefani @ said...

Yes, time does go by very fast. My son will be a year old on the 28th this month.

Sweetsation Therapy said...

Thanks for following me. I am new here in blogging world.Still figuring out how all this works. My boy is 6 months old but strangely, doesn't have any teeth popping out yet. Will have to check his mouth closer when he wakes up:-)
I hope you win my giveaway!!!
Thank you for participating. There will be more....

silverhartgirl said...

aww well happy 5 month birthday. They grow up so fast. My first baby is entering high school next year.